How to get the Best Testosterone Pills

Every man wants to feel masculine, you know like a real man, and while you might be a man, you may not be feeling too manly. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their moments but there are times when you feel like you need to boost your testosterone. Of course this very vital hormone is present in both males and females except it is very rare to hear of a woman who needs some boosting. That given, the hormone plays a vital role in the sexual health, muscle build up, body hair and is essentially vital in the general body well being.

That said, it’s little wonder many men constantly seek to increase the testosterone levels while still avoiding the devastating effects that are a consequence of using testosterone supplements filled with chemicals. There is no saying the amount of damage those can cause, and that is why many people opt for natural testosterone pills. Now, there are so many of these in the market today, however some of the more common ones include but are not limited to:

Progene company was founded in 2003 and has been manufacturing testosterone boosting products since then. The company has attracted a large number of consumers due to their propensity in the market and of course the fact that they use all natural products to manufacture the pills. Moreover all the 19 herbal extracts used to produce the end products are clinically proven to be safe. Also, they have come up with a kit where you can find out your testosterone levels just by licking it. That is why most people trust the pills to boost their testosterone levels naturally.

MHP T-bomb 2
Release of estrogen in the body is the major cause for low testosterone levels, that plus the fact that the testosterone itself is converted to estrogen. T- Bomb 2 hence works to ensure that this does not happen too much by restraining the estrogen receptors and hormones. This naturally and effectively regulates the testosterone levels in the body without necessarily having to add any chemicals into your system, hence another great pill.

Axis HT
Axis is yet another popular product used mostly by body builders or anyone who essentially works out a lot of time. The pills are vast with a number of ingredients that increase the natural testosterone amounts in the body consequently enhancing muscle build up and an increased sex drive. Axis has been reviewed positively by many users it must be working as it should.

Made up from lion jack, Avena sativa and Tribulus, Blue-up is one of the most renowned testosterone pills I the industry given their natural content and the unique way they work to ensure your hormones are in their right levels. The pills work on your Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which is a hormone that somewhat preserves extra testosterone levels for later. Blue-up inhibits production of this hormone so that testosterone can be released into the body, that plus increase the normal levels of the hormone. Yet another natural magic pill.


Pills be they natural or what not will always come with their share of side effects and risks which differ from person to person. Supplements or those that serve to improve production of a certain hormone in the body are especially dangerous if care is not taken. Testosterone boosters in essence have their share of risks one should beware of before starting a prescription. You should note however this does not apply to all pills and the results vary in different people.
The most common yet dangerous side effect is the interference with the cardiovascular system which may range from mild symptoms for example increased heart rate to a serious heart attack. They may also cause sleep deprivation, increase chances of prostate cancer and on a lighter note the pills may make your breasts bigger. This is believed to be due to production of estrogen brought about by usage of some pills. Using natural testosterone pills however tremendously lower these risks compared to using those that are chemical infested such as DHEA.
Before taking any pills however, you should be sure that you are in the right health both mentally and physically. It is also important to consider your age and occupation; it is recommended that one takes up some exercise so as to enhance the results. Most importantly, be sure to seek the doctor’s advice before starting anything you might regret later, let him check your testosterone levels if at all you have any doubts concerning the same. Even more importantly, be sure to check the pills for the ingredients and possible side effects before using them